Yarin Productions

Yarin Productions AB is a Swedish company founded by Jimmy Mårdell in January 2002. Business includes, but is not limited to, game developing for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system.

Latest news

Sunday 2002-07-28

Home page is available to the public!

Thursday 2002-07-25

Updated the documentation in all TI games (fixing email address and home page address among other things).

Saturday 2002-06-01

Rotris, created by Yarin Productions, won the 4.1875KB Game Boy Advance Demo/Game competition! Press here for complete results, downloads etc. Rotris can of course also be downloaded on the Game Boy Advance page!

Tuesday 2002-03-26

THQ publishes FILA Decathlon, a Track & Field game created by Athletic Design and Yarin Productions. The game has at the moment only been released in Europe, but hopefully the game will be released in the US later this year. For more information about the game, check out the FILA Decathlon page.